Forty years ago I taught Ayama to read the Tarot, or rather I should say that I passed on to her the language she needed to access that place inside herself where the Tarot lives and breathes.  Reading the cards is not really about learning meanings, although that is necessary — it’s about understanding deeply the various archetypes and narratives of our human nature and being able to articulate and share that knowledge.  It has been an amazing experience to see how Ayama has so richly developed her relationship with the Tarot over the years.  She is categorically the best reader I know.  When I feel the need for a wise perspective from outside myself in order to understand what’s going on, she’s the one I call. 

Peter, San Francisco, CA

Ayama’s readings are beautifully attuned and meaningful – in other words I can relate to what she is saying and it feels nourishing and welcome.  She presents what she sees in a kind, light and loving way, without setting up huge hopes or disappointments. As well as sharing the good outcomes and possibilities she sees, she also makes mention of potential challenges on the way there – and includes suggestions about how I might intelligently deal with them.  This is all in a sweet, heartful and understanding style which makes the experience both powerful and delightful.  I have been receiving readings from her quite frequently for several years now. They have always been so helpful – and over the last couple of years they are increasingly even better.  I am so grateful for her readings, and I highly recommend them to you too!

Judi, Sedona, AZ

I have experienced many profound, meaningful, and relevant readings from Ayama over the years. They have had a deep impact on my heart and how I move in my life in caring for myself and others. I feel grateful for her loving insight.

Suzie, Sacramento, CA

I’ve had a number of readings with Ayama over the years and have to be honest that I wasn’t a believer in the beginning.  I didn’t understand how a random selection from a group of tarot cards could have any relation to my life. But I soon started to believe that Ayama’s words have meaning and insight, and whether they are sourced from the cards, the spirit world or heaven above doesn’t really matter.  If you’re experienced with Tarot, I think you’ll be amazed with Ayama’s readings, and if you’re new to Tarot, I think you might just become a believer, or at the least start to wonder. Despite any expectations, I can assure you that you’ll receive a reading filled with compassion, intuition and love.  And who wouldn’t want that!

Patrick, Denver, CO

From the moment I met Ayama in India in 1989, I knew she was a mystical intuitive reader. Our very first discussion lead to tarot and the powerful messages that can be discerned through the secretive language of tarot given to the world centuries ago. She sparked a fire in me to learn on a deeper level about myself and the hidden gifts the world has to offer. Since then, no matter where in the world I am, we connect on the web for New Year and birthday readings. It is a quiet and special time when through the cards messages are given regarding my current, present and future pathways.
These readings are always pointing me into my heart and expanding my consciousness. Over these past thirty years Ayama has also become a guide I occasionally turn to when I cannot quite understand what I am feeling or how to change or rethink a situation. Her gentleness allows the ever present doubter and ego to sit back and absorb, learn and grow. Having a session with Ayama turns me back into myself where the answers resonate with the cards. A reading with Ayama is a wonderful gift to yourself and to those you love.

Ghosha, Los Angeles, CA