About Ayama

Hello, and welcome again.

Almost forty years ago I learned to read Tarot cards from my beloved friend, Peter. Peter originally learned Tarot from the well-known English Tarot expert, Rolla Nordic. Although Peter used the Swiss deck to teach me, since those early years I’ve been using Crowley’s Thoth Tarot for most readings.

For the past four decades, I’ve given psychic and intuitive readings using tarot cards for hundreds and hundreds of folks…friends, family members, and clients. I have taught Tarot in the same way Peter passed on his knowledge to me. Reading professionally and non-professionally, I have participated in psychic fairs, read for clients in shops, at private parties, women’s High Tea gatherings, on Skype, and via email.

These days, I live in the country in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I am a dog lover (yes, cats too!), enjoy long walks, the loving company of friends and family, and traveling from time to time. Now I find myself at a point in life where there is time to pursue a passion and gift of mine which provides a service as well as feeding my soul. My work life has been rich and varied–I’ve been a “jack of all trades”–and although I have enjoyed all my numerous jobs, reading the Tarot for people is incredibly fulfilling for me.

I am deeply grateful to have learned about the Tarot so many years ago. To give and receive intuitive Tarot readings has been a great gift and blessing for me. Over these past forty years, my skill has been honed and greatly enriched through life experiences, and through giving so many readings. And best of all, it continues to grow.