Available Readings

Quick Guidance ($30.00)  

This is a perfect reading if you would like additional support about a decision that you’ve made, a particular situation about which you would like more insight, or, just a quick check in with yourself. Also, it is great for the day’s inspiration.

Mini-General Reading ($45.00)

This is a three-card spread that represents immediate past, the present, and immediate future. If you don’t quite know what is going on inside, or with a particular event/situation and would like some insight, this is a good reading to request. Although it is a mini spread, it is amazing the amount of perspective it can offer.

General Reading ($85.00)

This multi-card spread, like the Mini-General reading, incorporates past, present, and immediate future. And, it has a main card which generally is about what the reading really is addressing. It incorporates a challenge card, your immediate environment which includes family, friends, sometimes co-workers, etc., and a final outcome. Often the position of the final outcome to the particular theme or situation is a guidance card which the cards designate to be of more importance than an outcome.

Prakash’s Whole Self Mandala ($95.00)

Like the General Reading listed above, this too is a multi-card spread. A very rich spread, it incorporates a central-archetype card, a card each for the body, mind, heart, and soul. Prakash’s Whole Self Mandala additionally includes cards for the inner male, inner female, for work, the home, finances, and finally, relationships. This is a wonderful gift for yourself (birthday gift?), and if you would like to share a Deva Tarot reading with someone. It could be a great reading to bring yourself into the new year. These readings are available anytime.

Quarterlies ($45.00)

These readings are spreads covering three months at a time. They give a general flavor for the upcoming months, often with impressions of processes that you will be experiencing, as well as directions to take. Sometimes the cards will talk about upcoming events in these readings, or people… They are monthly mini-readings, but are very general in flavor.

Targeted Spread ($55.00)

If you have a particular situation for which you need guidance and/or insight, this is a good spread to choose. You may send me up to three questions and I will pull Tarot cards to address each question.

Birthday Spread ($100.00)

Beautiful multi-card spread that gives a general overall feeling for the upcoming year, along with a guidance card, your meditation for the year, a miracle card and a challenge card. You are welcome to ask two questions in addition that you would like the cards to address.

New Year’s Reading ($110.00)

These readings are available through February of each year. They  are akin to the birthday readings but with additional cards.

A New Year’s reading often gives understanding for each segment of the year as it progresses. Sometimes this reading will talk about general processes that will be happening rather than specific events. It is a comprehensive reading, and you are welcome to ask the cards to address three questions if you wish.

New Year’s Astrological Reading ($130.00)

Again, these readings are available through February of each year.

Cards are pulled for the year using the wisdom of the houses in astrology…each house addresses an aspect of life (Western astrology is used). I pull an archetype for you for the year and then go through each house to talk about what you may expect to be the flavor of that life experience for the year. Sometimes specific events will appear in these readings, but most often this reading addresses inner processes for the readee. It is a profound reading and offers an in-depth perspective for the year.

Mini-Relating Spread ($50.00)

This spread gives information on what you are offering currently to the relating, what your partner is giving, plus what is manifesting outwardly, and finally, a guidance card. It is a helpful reading that may offer clarification on a current issue, and often a very helpful perspective. As with all of the readings, it does not have to be requested when there are issues or troubles. It can be just a fun thing to do to check in with your beloved and the partnership in general.

Higher Selves Relationship Spread ($120.00)

This wonderful reading addresses a relationship through many dimensions. I pull cards for each partner that show immediate past, present, and future. This is like mini-relating reading in that it shows what each person is offering to the other and to the partnership in general. Sometimes these cards will address what each person is going through in their personal process aside from the partnership which is influencing the connection.

Then, there are separate cards for the outer manifestation of the relationship, again indicating immediate past, present, future. This part of the reading shows the mundane, earthly and day-to-day functioning, as well as how it is looking from our daily perspectives.

Finally I pull cards that show the higher aspects—“spiritual”—aspects of the partnership. These cards indicate the higher and deeper understanding to the partners involved and often address underlying questions that may not have surfaced. This part of the reading is often the most surprising and profound understanding that is gained through this spread.

A beautiful reading to receive yearly, it’s recommended for couples or any two beings…friends, parents, children and their parents, pets and their human guardians… As I wrote above, this is a wonderful spread that addresses any relationship through multi dimensions. It often comprises many months in time, and offers a very in-depth understanding of a current situation in the particular connection.